White Arrow Ranch and Mineral Hot Springs

by Realty Auction Services, LLC

White Arrow Ranch and Mineral Hot Springs 1061 Clover Creek Road

Bliss, ID


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Real Estate Auction
Thursday May 16th 1:00 pm
Property Inspection and Open House
Saturday’s April 27th and May 4th & 11th
from noon - 5:00 pm
and day of Auction from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Visit the ranch….


White Arrow Ranch – Bliss Valley, Idaho is a secluded, private, quiet and comprised of 280 acres (155 acres will be sold with Lodge).  It is surrounded by thousands of acres of public land. Located just 10 miles north of Bliss, Idaho on a paved, well-maintained, country road, with miles of sagebrush and grasses stretching to the horizon and beyond, left and right, the few signs of human activity – small farms, hay in the fields, cattle and horses by the side of the road – soon disappear in your rear-view mirror. The last 4 miles wind down into Bliss Valley with the ranch barely visible in the distance, nestled against the butte and plateaus which, miles further north, will become the Sawtooth Mountains. And you are alone with the road and your thoughts.

The White Arrow Ranch compound is in the middle of everywhere with major airlines flying into nearby Twin Falls, Boise, and Hailey (Sun Valley).
On the ranch land itself, there is swimming (year ‘round), hunting, shooting, bird-watching, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and spelunking. Within easy driving distance is an almost endless variety of outdoor activities, from boating, to golf, to white water rafting, to hang-gliding, to llama pack trips, to skiing (cross-country and world class downhill), to snow boarding, to sleigh riding, to skating (year ‘round), to snowmobiling, to tennis, to touring in some of the grandest mountain settings America has to offer.

There are renowned restaurants, outdoor shows, stage shows, theater of all kinds, the latest films, nightclubs and bars, music to suit every taste (some of it tasteless to some). There is never enough time in the day or in the night.

All of the buildings are served by White Arrow Spring, located in a gully on the northwest corner of the property. The spring – one of the largest, privately-owned geothermal hot springs in the country – offers 2 cubic feet per second (1,300,000 gallons per day) of 160 degree water flowing from deep in the earth into a concrete containment structure protected by a chain link fence. The water is said to be a product of a long-past ice age. It is odorless and clear, soft although filled with minerals. The water heats the buildings on the property and fills the swimming pool, and the Jacuzzi spa next to the pool, for year ‘round enjoyment, with the temperature of the pool subject to infinite regulation through a series of pool-side valves.

The Ranch House

The ranch house, topped by dark, sloping, cedar-shingled roof, sits at the base of a hill, protected from the north wind. It is accessed by a gravel driveway which begins at the cattle guard just off Clover Creek Road and continues into a carport. The back door to the ranch house is to the left of the carport; to the right are a large storage room, a utility room, and a room which the current owner was planning on converting into a screening room with an entertainment center. The screening room has its own sink and water supply.

The Entry Hall

The main entry to the ranch house is below grade, the stairs leading to it introducing a visitor to one of the buildings more prominent and luxurious features, the extensive use of Oakley stone (a distinctive, local, Idaho product) both in the walls and, in a smoother form, as the floors and stairs of the entryway, the great room, the kitchen and – also below grade – the master suite and adjoining bath.

The Great Room

The stairs from the entryway lead to the great room on the main floor of the building. The great room has a cathedral ceiling and an over-sized fireplace carved into the Oakley stone northwest wall. To the right of the fireplace, and built from the rough-cut cedar wood found throughout the building, is a substantial area of bookcases to house the most ambitious library of the building’s occupant. Similar bookcases are built into the walls of many of the rooms of the house.

The Kitchen

The kitchen was designed and built with heavy use in mind. It features a Wells electric stove top configured with a large griddle area, two burners and a deep-fat fryer, all set into a dark wood island which fills the center of the room and contains a second utility sink to complement the main sink – with disposal and ready hot water – in the room. Over the stove top is a copper hood with exhaust to the outside, from which pots and pans and utility items can be hung.The kitchen also features two electric, self-cleaning Jenn-Air wall ovens, and next to them, two convenient warming drawers set into the same wall. Counter space, open shelving and cabinets abound. Set into one wall is a walk-in refrigerator for volume storage of perishable food, complementing the massive double refrigerator/freezer set into the wall facing it.

Behind the kitchen, a readily accessible from it, are a pantry area with built-in wooden shelving for ample storage of dry goods, and a large laundry area with built-in ironing board and utility sink next to the washer-dryer location. A laundry chute brings clothes from the bedroom areas above. Here, too, open shelving and cabinets abound.

The Oakley stone floor of the great room, kitchen, pantry and laundry room is heated by radiant heat from below, the cost-free contribution of White Arrow Spring to the occupants of the rooms.

The Sun Room

Adjoining the great room, and accessible through a serious of sliding glass doors, is the game room, the most recent addition to the ranch house. It, too, has an Oakley stone floor, one which extends even beyond the bounds of the room and out into the nearby pool deck, visible through a second series of sliding glass doors. The pool is literally a step away from the game room. The game room has ample space for a billiard table. It has a room-wide wet bar at one end, with provision for an ice maker and beverage storage. Set into its massive, beamed wood ceiling are two ceiling fans and two skylights which can be opened electronically. The game room, like others in the ranch house, is fully air conditioned.

The Bedrooms And Baths

The ranch house offers seven bedrooms, each with an adjoining bath. Two of the more generous-sized bedrooms are accessed by carpeted stairs next to the entry hall, a unique bridge across the entry hall, and a balcony which overlooks the great room; two more, also good-sized, face sliding glass doors leading to a deck above the pool. Two additional bedrooms are designed to accommodate bunk beds for the younger occupants of the house, and may also be used as changing rooms for those using the pool.

In a separate, ground-level wing of the ranch house is a large master suite, with its own Oakley stone fireplace set into one wall. The bath adjoining the master suite has a dressing area with built-in storage drawers, a separate bathtub and a stone-lined stall shower with floor drain. As in the rest of the house, storage, both in the form of open shelving and cabinets, is ample. And the master suite, like the other larger bedrooms of the house, features wall-length, multiple closet space for four-season clothing and a fireplace.

The Pool

An unusual feature of this ranch house is a four-seasons pool, surrounded by an extensive, Oakley stone deck. Next to, and part of, the pool is a generous Jacuzzi-style hot tub and spa. The temperature of the water in the spa is fully controllable, and can be changed quickly to take into account cooling air temperatures. Because both the pool and the spa are served by White Arrow Spring, they can be used year ‘round, with infinite quantities of warm water available to dispel the chill of even the coldest day or night. And the warmth of the ranch house is only steps away.

The quality of the water in the pool and spa is outstanding. It is lightly chlorinated, only as necessary to inhibit algae growth. But it is not like any other water you will have experienced. It has none of the usual acid edge of pool water. Instead, it has a silky smoothness to the skin, and it leaves none of the unpleasant after-effects which often accompany pool swimming and quiet moments in the spa.

Another unusual feature of this pool is a shallow, underwater shelf area, perhaps one-third of the width of the pool, designed to accommodate the play of small children. Over its length, the main area of the pool declines to a depth of 10′ to permit at least some diving activity as well as use of a pool-side slide.
The pool has its own pool house, with a storage – or possibly changing – room, and an entertainment room with sink and refrigeration.

From the pool and spa area, Bliss Valley stretches nearly to the horizon, unencumbered by any sign of other human presence. The vault of the sky, day and night, is unending.


Mineral Hot Springs, 9.6 pH

The Springs

Like a miracle, from the depths of the Earth, water surfaces at one of the most remote, wild, still natural lands in the country, Bliss Valley Idaho.

Mineral Hot Springs

As the Yellowstone volcano traveled east from the southern Oregon state over millions of years ago it passed right over White Arrow Ranch. In its path it left behind resemblance of the biggest volcano in the world, still active today.

In the “mini” Yellowstone – like surroundings of the White Arrow Ranch, from deep within the Earth this amazing hot spring comes gushing out at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists from several universities, including Berkley and Boise State, believe that this crystal clear and healthy water (with Alkalinity at 9.6) has been trapped in the depths of the Earth for about 12,000 to 18,000 years to finely see the light of day for the first time, and surface like a river at the incredible volume of about 1200 gallons per minute (over 17, 000,000 per day) making it one of the three largest (and hottest) privately owned hot springs in the United States.

Before surfacing at White Arrow Ranch, the water traveled for many thousands of feet below ground through an array of rock and sediment from where it extracted rare minerals to deliver them to the lucky future owner of this property.

As you enter the pool, you instantly see the crystal sky blue color and can feel the softness in the water as you swim. We have water quality studies supporting the potential for a water bottling facility.



Other properties being offered on Auction Day include:

A 42,000 sq. ft. Green House facility on 45 acres, which includes 50% of the water rights for the natural, geothermal mineral springs water.  Green house and 45 acres will be offered individually and in combination with the lodge and acreage.  Home and 155 acres Selling at Absolute Auction.  High Bidder Wins. 

Both properties will be offered individually and in combination.
Pre Auction Offers Considered on either property
For more Auction information please contact:
Randy Wells, CAI, AARE
Realty Auction Services, LLC
For Real Estate Question contact
Clint Robertson, Listing Broker
Blue River Realty, LLC

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Closing to be within 45 days from date of auction. Acreage and sq. footage is

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Home and 155 acres including guest house will be Selling at Absolute Auction to the highest bidder, regardless of price. High Bidder Wins!!!

Other properties being offered on Auction Day include:

42,000 sq. ft. Green House facility on 45 acres, which includes 400 gallons per minute of tested crystal clear, natural, geothermal mineral springs water. Selling at Absolute Auction to the highest bidder, regardless of price. High Bidder Wins!!!

80 acre PUD undeveloped subdivision Selling Subject to Seller Confirmation.

Home and green houses will be offered individually and in combination.

Property subject to prior sale.

Any and all announcements made on Auction Day will take precedence over any and all printed material.

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